Learn the product

What is Bissap?

Bissap is a tisane made from hibiscus flowers infused in water and then mixed with various ingredients varying from cultures to cultures.

Are the hibiscus organic?

Yes, the hibiscus flowers are organic and are from Ivory Coast.

What is the shelf life?

We refuse to add additive and chemicals to extend the life shelf of our product. Thus the shelf life rang from 30 to 40 days. After 30 days the product is still good to consume but starts losing all its nutrients. So drink it fast. 

The purchasing experience


Our product sells out really fast due to the high demand compared to our production capability. So be patient you will get your bottle. We are working hard to resolve the issue.


We ship our products in 2 days via UPS or Canada Post depending on what suits best for the recipient location. We only deliver in Canada, Quebec at the moment. We will be next to you soon.

Shipping Cost

Free shipping for samples and orders above $45.

Become a vendor

How to become a vendor?

Email us at ivorianspiritdrink@gmail.com to get a chance to offer our products through your brick and mortar or online store.